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Oleum app to tackle the menace of single-use plastics


We are exited to be featured in The New Indian Express for our fight against plastic initiative.

In order to tackle the menace of single-use plastics, Oleum – a mobile application – has been launched by Waylink Pitstop Solutions Private Ltd (WPS) aimed at school students here on Tuesday.

By using the app, fuel will be offered as a reward in exchange for single-use plastic. Along with the app, ‘Hello Save Earth’ mission was launched by Waylink at St Philomena’s School, Elanji, on Monday.

“The whole process of collection, consolidation, recycling and crediting of the reward in fuel credit is supported end to end through the mobile app. The app will become fully operational by June 6. By downloading the app and registering the plastic collected by each student, they will be rerooted to the recycling units by us,” said Ranjan Sathish, director, Waylink Solutions.

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