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Oleum app to tackle the menace of single-use plastics


My Plastic My Responsibility Workshop

Venu : East Cultural Association (ECA)
Date : 24.04.2019
Time : 5.00 P M
Facilitator : HSE

An initiative against the plastic menace

Plastic Hatao Dharthi Bachao. Say ‘No’ to new plastic and recycle existing plastic. Let us leave a better planet for the next generation.

We at HSE Foundation have successfully kickstarted our fight against plastic by launching our innovative app to collect and recycle plastic. This platform is to encourage and empower young people to reduce and educate the use of plastic and alternatives to plastic in our day to day life. The plan is to collect the household plastic waste from different collection points at convenient intervals, aggregate and transport them to a recycling facility. We also propose to reward you with reward as an incentive towards participating in the noble cause, together with likeminded Multi National Companies, Corporates, NGOs, State and Central Governments.