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We offer an end to end solution to collect and recycle single use plastic through a simple online app downloadable on any smartphone through the following steps

HSE Plastic Management Solution Through Oleum App

Download & Register

Only registered members are eligible to deposit single use plastic material.




Keep It Clean

Please segregate and deposit only clean single use material to receive fuel credits.

Create a Request on App

Please create a DR (Deposit Request) for the material to be deposited and get an acknowledgement on your phone.


Deposit at nearby Collection Centre

Please deposit the material at a Collection Centre in the area as suggested in the App.

Claim your fuel credit

Tank up and go farther with our free fuel!

Join the Oleum community

We welcome likeminded people to join hands in the noble task.

How We Do It


Awareness program for school children, waste collectors, corporates and recycling operators


Collaboration with Corporates, SMEs, Philanthropists for empowerment activites


Use of technology to connect, communicate, coordinate transact, record, track and report


We help recycling operators in different stages of  in different stages collection, segregation and processing

Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO)

Hello Save Earth Foundation (HSE) is a CSR initiative of Waylink Pitstop Solutions Pvt Ltd (WPS). The current focus is the fight against single use plastic. As plastic outlives humans and takes over 500 years to degrade, it is essential that awareness is created and sustained over generations to make any lasting impact. Hence, we are focusing on spreading the good word against single use plastic amongst the school children, to catch them young, so that the campaign is internalized and carried forward to the next generation. This will also have a positive impact on their families and the immediate neighborhood and the ripple effect expected to carry the momentum beyond. Under our ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle plastic’ war cry, to sustain the enthusiasm by making recycling a habit. Oleum, a product of WPS offers rewards such as fuel and Eco friendly goodies in exchange for single use plastic. The whole process – collection, consolidation, recycling and crediting of the reward in fuel credit is supported end to end through a simple smartphone based mobile app. Corporate participation in funding the noble cause will be the key in winning the battle against plastic.