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About Us

Hello Save Earth Foundation (HSE) is a CSR initiative of Waylink Pitstop Solutions Pvt Ltd (WPS).

The current focus is the fight against single use plastic. As plastic outlives humans and takes over 500 years to degrade, it is essential that awareness is created and sustained over generations to make any lasting impact. Hence, we are focusing on spreading the good word against plastic amongst the school children, to catch them young, so that the campaign is internalized and carried forward to the next generation. This will also have a positive impact on their families and the immediate neighborhood and the ripple effect expected to carry the momentum beyond. Under our ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle plastic’ war cry, to sustain the enthusiasm by making recycling a habit. Oleum, a product of WPS offers fuel as a reward in exchange for single use plastic. The whole process – collection, consolidation, recycling and crediting of the reward in fuel credit is supported end to end through a simple smartphone based mobile app. Corporate participation in funding the noble cause will be the key in winning the battle against plastic as part of Oleum’s voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our Vision

To conserve and preserve nature and make mother earth a better place for posterity. The current focus is to rid the planet of single use plastic menace.

Our Mission & Objectives

The current focus is to institutionalize the fight against plastic through the following concrete steps:
  1. Create awareness on the negative impact of single use plastic (plastic bottles etc.) on our environment, wildlife and humans – principally to the school children who will carry the initiative to the next generation.
  2. Sustain the campaign from the grassroots through the School-Children-Family-Neighborhood-Village-Town-City- Country-Globe route.
  3. Campaign for funding from Corporates/Govt/NGOs/Others for the noble cause.
  4. Encourage single use plastic segregation at source, its collection and deposit for recycling.
  5. Ensure ease of operations and repeatability and scalability end to end through a simple downloadable smartphone-based app.
  6. Appoint dedicated Collection Agents and provide them decent compensation that will assure their dignity.
  7. Identify collection centers/mobile collection centers to facilitate the process.
  8. Collection Agents to weigh and acknowledge quantity received.
  9. On confirmation of the quantity tendered, credit fuel points as reward to the account of the depositor that can be redeemed from nearby fuel retail outlets.
  10. Display the ‘Recycle Index’ of the plastic based on data on the dedicated FAP website to encourage and sustain participation.
  11. Ensure a win-win for all stake holders as explained above, scale exponentially.

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